Hertz Chicago O’Hare (ORD) staffer gives shitty service, threatens to sue

Last fall, when I was in Chicago, I was treated incredibly rudely at the Hertz location at O’Hare. (This is not the first time I’ve had a poor rental experience.) As soon as I walked up to the counter, the agent said “Don’t give me any attitude.” Before I had said anything. He had taken […]

American Airlines spokesman explains why they are going out of business

More proof that airlines are run by idiots: Airlines argue that adding fees this way is preferable to fare hikes because in theory, at least, passengers who don’t want to use the services can avoid them. And airlines can’t just raise fares whenever it suits them because the industry is so competitive that they’d surely […]

PC Financial’s MasterCard runaround

I had a bit of an odd experience with PC Financial this year. Frustrated by this, I wrote them to describe my experience.

Dear Mr. Kalen,

I have been a customer of President’s Choice Financial and President’s Choice Financial MasterCard for many years. In fact, I believe I was one of the earliest customers of President’s Choice Financial MasterCard.

I was highly satisfied with my PC MasterCard—until this year.