A car rental experience gone well

Shocking, isn’t it? The folks at Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Nashville (BNA) were so polite and efficient, I wrote them a nice thank-you letter.

My coworker Pete suggested I have a little fun: give them a copy of the Hertz letter to laugh over. So I did. I also gave Hertz a copy of the Enterprise letter to show that I can be a nice guy sometimes.

Date: February 11, 2008

From: Paul Schreiber, San Francisco CA 94107

To: Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Nashville International Airport, 1 Terminal Drive, Nashville, TN 37214-4112, (615) 275-0011

Re: Rental 395385

Thank you.

On January 23, I flew into Nashville and picked up a car from Enterprise. This was the most efficient and most pleasant rental experience I have ever had.

My past rental experiences have ranged from the sub-par to the truly horrific. I’ve been given dirty cars (Avis, San Diego), threatened with a lawsuit (Hertz, Chicago O’Hare), made to wait for half an hour (just about everywhere) and been “upgraded” to large, inefficient vehicles.

In Nashville, by contrast, I was in and out of line in under five minutes, and even ended up with a decent car.

Please extend a personal thank you to the agent who assisted me. He was genuine, friendly, knowledgeable, and didn’t pressure me into purchasing anything I didn’t want.

Paul Schreiber

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