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Talking to the MTA is like talking to a brick wall

Last week, I was on a cold train. A really cold train. I sent the MTA a note about it. To make this complaint actionable, I gave them the train line, approximate time and car number. It is way too … Continue reading

Why UBB charges are bullshit

Cogeco charges $1.50 per GB. Amazon charges 14¢ per GB. Netflix estimates they pay 3¢/GB. Netflix figures the ISPs’ cost per GB is under a penny. So they’re charging 15,000% markup. 15,000%.

USPS attempts internet customer service, fails miserably

I found a broken link on and reported it: If you go to “Web Tools Technical Guides”: And click on “Address Information (HTML)”: You get a “page not found” (404) error. File or Page Requested Not Found … Continue reading

TV Addicts takes the service out of “customer service”

From: DVD Customer Service Date: September 27, 2010 1:06:56 PM EDT To: Paul Schreiber Subject: Re: Jack & Bobby Dear User, We would like to inform you that the availability of a particular set can only be checked on our … Continue reading

Think your airline joining Star Alliance helps you?

Last fall, Continental Airlines joined Star Alliance. Since I have most of my points/miles with Air Canada’s Aeroplan—also a member of Star Alliance—I thought that would be good news. It’s not. There’s no way to combine points from both programs … Continue reading

Who is NAC SKI?

So the NAC SKI people try really hard to hide their contact information. There’s no phone number on the site or their Yelp page Why? Who knows. Update 2012-02-17: NAC SKI has now updated their Yelp page with contact information: … Continue reading

Chase is ruining Amazon’s good name

A couple years ago, I switched my Wells Fargo MasterCard to an Amazon Rewards Visa card. Unfortunately, Amazon’s Visa card is managed by Chase, who has no idea how to run a business, build a web site or provide customer … Continue reading

Contact information for Hertz customer relations

Need to write Hertz customer service (customer relations)? Their contact information was hard to track down (they appear to have moved, and even the BBB data is confusing). The Hertz Corporation PO Box 26120 Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0120 888-777-6095 x4036 … Continue reading

Verizon willing to let man die over unpaid $20 phone bill

Check out this piece in the Dover, Ohio Times-Reporter. Seem Verizon was wouldn’t help the cops until they paid the victim’s overdue phone bill: Williams said he attempted to use the man’s cell phone signal to locate him, but the … Continue reading

Useless AT&T survey

My friend Rob sends along this fun survey from AT&T. Given the image, any commentary by me would be totally unnecessary.