Contact information for Hertz customer relations

Need to write Hertz customer service (customer relations)? Their contact information was hard to track down (they appear to have moved, and even the BBB data is confusing).

The Hertz Corporation
PO Box 26120
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0120
888-777-6095 x4036
405-290-2899 fax
[email protected]

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  1. I have waited for 16 days for you to return my money.Pleas respond as soon as possible

  2. Returned a vehicle n forgot package we had just purchased in trunk. When we called to tell them they said it was gone out already. Wouldn’t call new renters to tell them. Either they took the merchandise or hertz employees. We r not happy with hertz employees for their dishonesty at the sebring,fl office. Boo to amandas response from there!!

  3. was denied rental on 8/23/12 at logan airport–the department for refusing leases–said I owed a 2003 bill for $664.34—this is not true–
    please provide information on this—the collection agency Southwest had no record of any charges–for myself.

    i would like this resolved.

    philip marr–houston, tx 281-682-7173—i always use hertz when i travel.

  4. i had rented a car on aug. 28 2012 and returned on time. i was given a credit for a damaged tire and instead of getting the credit the took the monies out a second time. and i want my money back

  5. I was charged on my visa for TWO ADVANTAGE HERTZ from Rome Italy. One in the amount of $37,70 on 25th of august 2012 and $38,91 on the 26 of september 2012.
    The last time I was in Rome is 25 years ago. I did rent a car in Milan Malpensa in May 2012 but NOT FROM HERTZ which was paid in full.
    I want a full refund!!!!!

  6. I rented a car on October 13, 2012 at the Costa Mesa Hertz and returned it on October 15,2012 My bill was 55.oo and I paid that in cash. Your service person gave me a receipt . I then left. When we got home I looked on my bank account AND i HAD BEEN CHARGED 55.OO from Hertz. I called immediately on Monday morning and talked to an employee and he said that the money will be refunded in 24 to 48 hours. I called back on Tuesday and spoke to someone ther and he told me that it would be refunded in up to 72 hours. I called your billing department and they said that there was no record of me paying in cash. I called back to the Costa Mesa Hertz and spoke with the manager and he told me that this refund had to beapproved by another boss and then it would take 7 to 10 days to be refunded. In the meantintime, my bank account is charging 34,00 a day because of this 55.00 charge put my account in the negative. My rental record # is 159706842. This seems very strange to me that cash of 55.oo has no record. Please advise me as soon as possible on this because the bank will continue to charge me until this is clear. Please let me know that yougot this email and respond. This is my bank account. If you need more clarification please call your Costa Mesa store on Harbor I will wait to hear from you. My Number is 9166006277

    Mr Mooney

  7. I made my reservation and prepaid it in July through “Representaciones Rafael Bello” they made a charge in my credit card an gave me a receipt that I presented to the agent in New York in your Agency of the 55th street, by the way, with a very bad service, unfortunately I do not have the name of the agent, but I clear remember that she is the manager of the office.

    When I came back to return the car they ask me for the payment, so I explained to the agent (this time other person) that I paid in advance an only they made a warranty charge in my account, in that moment the agent open a new contract, close the old one and she assurance me that I will not be charge for this, “it is only internal” said to me. I did not sign anything.

    When I came back to my country in August 29 I checked my account statement, and what is my surprise that I have a charge for US$ 476.80 and today I’m still waiting for my return.

    Please return my money, I’m waiting 3 MONTS!

  8. This is just a general response too tell you how unhappy I was with my recent rental purschase in Fort Lauderdale. The female (I did not get her name) was one of the most rudest persons that I have ever had to deal with when renting a car. She kept institing that I had to have the extra insuranse, which I declined at leats 5 times and three times on I would fill the vehicle up prior to returning it to Hertz. After 30 minures I was finally able to get a vehicle and sign the paperwork. The vehicle wa ssuppost to be in stall 85. When I finally found the stall, it was empty. After seveal attempts to find an employee to assist with getting a car, 30 minutes later I eas given a vehicle. The parking attendant was very helpful and finally got us on our way. I have rented from Hertz in the past and I can assure you that I will not rent from your company again, thanks to that very snotty non caring person. Thank you.

  9. i got my refund check on 1/7/13 and tried to deposited it and it was declined due to lack of information on hertz thru certigy check services and i wrote void on the check after i deposited the check thru my phone and now i need you to reissue me a check please. reference # H25887680 check# 08957499. my address is 821 victoria dr. apt. b montgomery il 60538 thank you

  10. I rented a car on from u guy on December fifth 2012 return on January for 15 2013my account was overdrawn and I was overcharged for to rental the total amount was 2, 473and 29 centsI’m disputing the total amount I was charged for my rental please get back to me as soon as possible

  11. hi Paul ! my name is Brian huynh ,and my rental agreemet #X91506052 ,I got overcharge on my rental bill and Iwas came to Hertz car rental office university drive & copan road ,coral spring city in Florida,and some one there told me they will ajust amount and refund for me after couple weeks ,I was asked him how much, and how long ? and He told me He don’t know…because his supervise take care ,but his superse not,I was feel very very bad, and I then I asked him to call to his supervise ,but he told me for the rule he can’t do it..
    we try call back couple time ,leave message but supervisor or any one doe’t call back..
    we feeling very bad and hard to sleep ..,I ,woud like to asking you to help solve this problem.. please call me back or email me your answer.. I speak english not to good can call my uncle is easyier..his name is Robert skeens email [email protected] or call him (305)321 8446..thank you very much,,Brian Huynh cell (954) 465 8738

  12. I’ve been calling Hertz about a crash for the past 4 days. Has Hertz been affected by the Federal shut-down? My calls are never answered and when I’ve selected to leave a message and been transferred to do so, the computer says the person at that extension is not available and that no messages may be accepted……….4 days!

    I’ve rented at Hertz several times in the past but if this is the type of service I can expect in the future, I will choose someone else for my business. I so angered over this that I took the time to say something. Can you imagine how many others simply gave-up? You people have a serious customer service problem. In fact, when I called the customer service number at 888-777-6095 Ext 4036, I was told by a computer the number “is not defined”. You people have a serious problem in service and communication.

  13. I rented a car from the Hertz store on 5/14/14 at the location 9078 Woodman Way in Parker co. When I got there Nate the manager said that Heather had reserved me a economy/compact car, I told him that I reserved a mid-side car and that was what I wanted. He talked to me as if I had a tail. He repeated about 10 times that Heather reserved me a economy/compact car, I told him I heard him the first time and not to say that to me any more. He then said that they had a Elantra coming in and I could take that, because he didn’t have time to feel sorry for me. Well The young lady that drove up in the car drove up in a 2012 Masda 6,he then said we thought it was a Elantra but it’s this Masda. I asked when was the last time this car had been serviced, the young lady told me it had two thousand more miles before it would need servicing again. I asked if everything was ok with the car. She said we are washing it now and checking it out. Well they lied. They washed the car with water and no soap, which didn’t really matter, but for them to lie to me about the car being checked out, my mom and I driving almost 500 miles to Nebr, I felt as though they knowingly put me and my mom’s life at risk. I went to Nebr. for my Grandson”s graduation. I noticed the light on but didn’t think anything of it because they said they had checked the car out. That Saturday night my aunt said Shirley you need to have your car checked out, that light that’s on mean something is going on with your tires. I asked her how did she know, she said she had the same warning light in her car. I called road side assistance that Sunday morning asking what should I do. She took the rental record number, came back and said I would tell you to take the car to the airport and change it out, but your name is not on the car, and I would have to take it and have it fixed myself. I asked her where could I take it,she gave me three places that was opened on a Sunday. Well those places were way out west and I was downtown. She said those were the only places open on Sunday.. I then called my cousin to see if he knew a place I could take the car. we took the car to wal-mart. I had to leave the car because there were cars ahead of me. My Grandson’s graduation was on that day and because I had to deal with the car I missed his graduation. What worth do you put on missing you grandson’s graduation, I can’t get that back. Saying you’re sorry doesn’t work for me. I drove almost 500 miles and missed my reason for going. I was upset as well as my family. I feel if Nate had given me the car that I reserved none of this would have happened. Nate was upset with me because he thought I was not respecting his position as a manager, so he gave me the car he wanted me to have, and the car was defective. I couldn’t listen to the radio or cd’s because only one speaker was working and it was muffled. Is this your normal practice of treating the customer? I want to hear from you and that will determine if I need to take this any further. They put my daughter’s name on the car and not mine. They had my drivers license number and also my credit card. why would they give me the keys and my name is not on the car? The young lady from road side assistance said this is the only store in the United States that would allow this to happen. What is you remedy for this negligence?

    Thank you
    Shirley Ponds

  14. Hi my rental record# is 196814494,and writing to find out who rented a 2012 200 under my name? I rented a car from hertz on8/8/2014. So I would like to resolve this matter and press charges on anyone at this time. If someone can please contact me at 321 662 3181 thank you. I rented from hertz on west colonial,orlando fl.

  15. When returning a car at the Las Vegas airport, walked into the terminal and out of the front door. I reached for my phone and noticed it was missing. I recalled that I had left the phone on the passenger seat of the car because I was using the GPS to get to the airport. I went to the rental counter and was told that the car was already removed from the return area and had to be located. When the car was located, no phone was found and when the Hertz Manger called the number, the phone was turned off. I then filed a police report with the Las Vegas police. Then called AT&T to stop service on the phone. The phone (iPhone 6) was just purchased the day before the incident. The car was in Hertz’s possession when the phone went missing.

    As a result, I missed my flight and had to spend another night in Las Vegas and a night in Boston to get home. AT&T my service provider would not allow me another upgrade and required full payment for the phone. So, had to cancel service and switch to another provider because it was less expensive than purchasing a new phone.

    I called Hertz a couple of times and can never reach anyone who can help me. So, just sent email to Customer Relations. I’ll let everyone know how I mad out.

  16. It is so sad to see that a big corporation as of Hertz rental car is unable to satisfy their customers in a timely matter I’m very upset with your company and I do not recommend your company to anyone I rented a car or try to rent a car back in October you guys debit me and will not return my money and I’m very upset with this is nothing but $150 but $150 to me mean something may not mean anything to your corporation I’ve called your company 5x October 6th October 15th the 21st and the 27th November 4th as of yet have not received my credit one person told me by the seven days next person told me 14 to 16 days last person told me 10 days of them yet have not received my credit I am highly upset with the situation I’m quite sure customer relations is a very busy department because of your customer service sucks here my reservation number 005384606

  17. Hertz rent a car sky harbor airport AZ Phoenix Arizona

    Hi, We rented a 4 door car from hertz at sky harbor in airport . We get there and were told we ordered a 2 door. No we didn’t. The lady said with our dis satisfaction , she’ll give us a 4 door for only 100.00 more. Why would I pay more, when I already paid with a credit card on the phone for a 4 door? She then said she’ll throw on gps. So, it took us an hour to find our car, no one to help us. This is now 3 am in morning. We get in the car and it had a little shake to it. We never drove a Camery, so didn’t think anything was wrong. No one there even checked the car before we took it. The next morning we got a blowout in the boonies. They wouldn’t help us at all. They said we have to change the tire and good luck finding a hertz near by. You would think they would drive out and help us and send a different car for us. My husband put on a spacer, and we traveled another 100 miles to find the closest hertz . We find one Mesa. The guy was a complete a*s. No customer service etiquette whatsoever . Then preceded to tell us we owe $75.00 for the tire and an additional charge if we wanted gps in this car. I said we had gps in this car for the problems we already encountered picking up the car. Our sprint phones did not work well in AZ. Service awful., so we really needed gps. Nope! He said, he didn’t have a car with gps and if he did we would have to pay even more money . We ending up paying 75.00 for tire. And our total bill was 550.00 for 4-5 days for a rental car. Awful! I want a full refund on the whole deal. This was a terrible experience, I will never rent a car from this company again . It’s sad that not one person can contact me to discuss this. Jessie (mgr at Sky Harbor Hertz isn’t returning my calls.

  18. I am requesting a refund of the administrative fees you charged to my credit card for the city tickets that I received on 11/29/15, 12/30/15 and 12/29/15. I am also requesting that you contact the city of Chicago Parking violations and let them know that it was an error on your part that you did not provide them with current information about my registration address as I provided to you on the date of the rental which was 11/27/15. I presented the hertz employee my driver’s license with my current address on the license so I don’t know how you provided the company that converts the information to the city with an old address that I never gave. The employee never asked any questions about an address or said he had an old address on file or questioned if the address on my license was the most current. How can you charge me a fee when I never received notice of the traffic violations until you charged my card and continued to charge my card each month with out giving me due process of the law to appeal or challenge the violations and one of the violations doubled. When I spoke to the representative from American Traffic Solutions, She said the notice was returned to them, yes I am sure it was because they sent it to the incorrect address which she said was provided to them by Hertz.

  19. Please refund my Pre pay charge on my Credit Card ending in *7028 for $362.98, confirmation No# G8793684920 you have not credited these funds as of this e-mail. I have requested a stop payment in the dispute dept.

    I hear your very slow paying back whats owed to the customers, sounds like a bad business decision if it takes you months to resolve these issue’s ??

  20. I rented a vehicle from Hertz at Location: Parkview Shops HLE in Chesapeake, Virginia. Rented June 30, 2016 @ 14:44. Returned July 1, 2016 @ 0900.
    Initially we requested two days but we found that we did not need an additional day. By your standards we did not have the vehicle two days and should only pay for one day. Your Policy Statement: ” The minimum rental charge is for one rental day and rental days consist of consecutive 24hour periods starting at the time the rental begins.” This was politely called to their attention when the vehicle was returned but to no avail. Also; Cavalier Ford is paying for this car rental and I know that they are going to charge them for Two Days. Note-Mileage Out was 23,728, Mileage In was 23,748. Total -20 miles. Personally, I will never rent another vehicle from Hertz again and I am going to inform Cavalier Ford that they only owe for One Day not Two. Note-Some people can read and follow instructions.

  21. Yet another ripped off customer…or should I say victim of Hertz’s horrible service. I was charged for a rental upgrade I didn’t want, need, or approve. This corporation literally stole $213 from me. I’ve left repeated messages in an effort to resolve the issue but even though I’ve tried to contact Hertz for TWO WEEKS they don’t even have the decency to return my calls. This company has the worst service I’ve encountered. They think it is ojay to steal from their customers tgen ignore them when they complain!

  22. they screw you up and they say it your fault
    Pe 13 apr. 2017 20:35, [email protected] a scris:

    Dear Mr. Rousselle,

    Thank you for contacting us. I appreciate the opportunity to review your concerns.

    I show that we have charged 475.47 CAD for the Damage Deductible Waiver, Fuel Purchase Option, and the associated taxes for these items. Please find your rental agreement attached for your review.

    The email you forwarded mentioned two other amounts, 700 CAD and 1,000 CAD, but I do not show any other existing charges to you. Can you please provide your bank statement showing these charges so I may review further?

    I appreciate the opportunity to provide assistance.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jessica P

    Thrifty Customer Services

  23. To whom it may concern; on June27 I rented a vehicle at logan inter. in billings mt. as a gold member with AAA I was sent a coupon with my renewal for a free upgrade. upon realizing I had misplaced that card I called your customer service and related my story asking if I could get a replacement card. the young man to whom I spoke informed me that while he could not do so, he would attach a note to my gold account that the upgrade would not be charged, I had only to ask the agent to call customer service, give my gold no {65056726} and the charge for the upgrade would be removed. simple, agreed? not so. the agent at billings refused to call customer service saying they had never heard of such a thing. rather than cause a scene I thought it would be better to handle the matter when I got home. icalled the next day and was informed by Brittany in customer service that hertz rentals are contracted privately and I would have to take the matter up with the same people that refused to even call customer service. now I am getting extremely annoyed, how is it there is no accountability on Hertz to stand behind what there agents tell people? I expect you to. there is a note to be found on my gold member page verifying my accounts. I await your reply and hope we can resolve this matter swiftly claude Anderson [email protected]

  24. T whom it may concern; I booked a car for June 27 2018 to be picked up at Logan Inter.,Billings, Mt. As a AAA member I receive perk cards upon AAA renewal. I realized I had misplaced my free upgrade card and so called your customer sevice dept and asked to be sent a duplicate. The young man to whom I spoke informed me he could not do this but would attach a note to my Gold account that I was not to be charged for the upgrade. upon returning the vehicle I asked the agent to call customer service, give them my gold no. and they would be told of the note on my account instructing them not to charge for the upgrade. however the agent refused to call saying they had never heard of such a thing. Rather than cause a scene I opted to handle the matter whenI arrived home,which I tried to do. this time I was told by your rep that hertz has independent vendors and I would have to talk to a Billings agent which I had already tried to do wether the young to whom I originally spoke was right or wrong is not the issue here. I expect hertz to stand behind what I was told by your representative, and sponge the upgrade charge. if you will look up my gold no. {65056726} you will find my outline of the facts to be accurate. I look forward to a swift settlement of this matter. sincerely Claude Anderson

  25. I am a pass driver with hertz and hertz is the pitts they want you to drive their car around and don,t have any respect for their diver all the other rental car company are paying more money and hertz is stuck at 7.50 and hour the have driver that has been driving for them for ten plus years and only make 7.50 all the other rental car company raises it seam like the drivers are not part of the company and also use the driver toprep car and pay ther pocket change

  26. I attempted to cancel a reservation by phone at your location at IBM road, Poughkeepsie, NY. for reasons due to a misunderstanding with my doctor (Genden) at Mt. Sanai hospital for corrective oral surgery. I had major surgery for oral cancer last year at Mt. Sanai. I called the location phone number (1 (845) 462-6160 and let it ring for a long period of time and no one answered the phone. My son, Jeffrey, got their just minutes later and returned the car. The attendant withheld $40.00 of our deposit even after explaining our situation and having the car for only about a half hour as we live close by. We have done business with your firm whenever we have occasion to rent a vehicle. Can you please understand why I think in this case it seems unfair.

  27. res #H84831886A3

    I would like to know why I was charge collision insurance when it was already cover by my credit card.
    Few days before I should return the car the brakes fail, which was very dangerous they need to service their vehicle properly I could have lost my life. I try to contact someone at the emergency number provided but no one answer.
    I have to pay to get the repair done so I could return the car. I try to talk to some one at the office but no one seem to know the S.O.P
    I need to get a refund on the repair I give them the invoice also on the insurance and the days the was car out of service.
    hope to hear from someone soon thanke

  28. On or about February 15 I rented a car at the Atlanta airport. The clerk’s name is Tammie English. She is amazing and a great reason for me to continue renting from Hertz. Amazing smile, personality and service. Do thankful and so unexpected. Thank you Tammie.
    I am Michael L. Segal
    #1 Club Gold

  29. Good day!
    I need help!

    March 18, 2019 I booked car and paid:
    reservation confirmation number is H9744897502
    Pick Up time
    Thu, 21 Mar, 2019 at 23:30
    Return time
    Wed, 27 Mar, 2019 at 17:00
    Pickup and Return Location.
    Toulouse Airport
    Total: 18,297.39 RUB

    But, during the connecting flight of KLM airline, the airline delayed my first flight and to the rental center HERTZ (at the airport in Toulouse) I only got to noon on March 22.
    At the rental point I went to a meeting, canceled the current reservation and made a new one:
    No. de Contrat: 552629685
    Reservation: H97837735C3
    Depart: 22/03/2019 11:48 TOULOUSE AIRPORT
    Retour: 27/03/2019 16:45 TOULOUSE AIRPORT
    Vehicule: FORD GDCMAX D RK EM-137-LW
    VOUCHER BASE 217.97
    VOUCHER VAT 43.59
    DAY OF RENT 6 * 45.41 272.46
    SUBTOTA 272.46
    DISCOUNT 20.00% -54.49
    SUBTOTA 217.97 A
    PAYMENT COST 175.00
    VOUCHER ** -217,97
    VAT 35.00

    Well, I now have 5 transactions in my bank account:

    from March 19

    from March 21
    HERTZ FRANCE (−320,00 €)−23 744,00RUB

    from March 22
    HERTZ FRANCE (−210,00 €)−15 561,00RUB

    from March 23

    from March 26

    I have no questions for the deposit of March 21 (in the amount of 320 €), but I cannot understand why so much money has been written off from my account?
    Please help me figure it out!

    Regards, Dorogavtsev Mikhail.
    My Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number is 53660932.

  30. I had a very bad experience renting your car from hertz car rental sunrise east fortlaudale first the car kept cutting off on the road it was a ford focus we tried to call to get assitance no one answer and i dont know what time they close it said oil needs to change staff was rude when we went to tell them about the car problem the nrxt day and we met customers there complaning also about the bad service obie your manager was rude so rude horrible with customers the whole location needs customer traning i could wait to get back home to the bahamas and rentad the car with gas on empty horrible the worst experience in south florida i wasted my vac on being up and to the car rental and still ended back up with the same car god knows yall should customers better than that i was calling to with some one they said a question and it said win a hundred dollars from walmart i was trying give information my minutrs was up the lady said she going to call me back from your rewards programe and never call i give her my numbrr i probably have to see if i can speak with mr brian mcdonald.

  31. High my name Richard O Donoso and I had a reservation on June 8 at the Sacramento Airport. I had done reservation on the phone with a Hertz agent and details where spoken and I was told to go and pickup car at airport that my Uber Visa debit card was valid and I have been with Uber since July of last year. When I approached the front desk the gentleman in fornt asked for credintails and I also showed h my reservation number. When seeing my Uber Visa card he said I couldn’t rent I explained it was spoken over the phone that I would like to speak to a supervisor, which he then said I’m the supervisor, well I Told him i. Want to speak to corporate. He said no and said I’m not renting to you then called the cops which made me feel belittled but I guess trying to impress the women working with him at the time. But embarrassement and all I show him who I was but still had go and Come out of character, which was told to leave I had got a ride to rent this car I ended up walking which I ended up in jail. Cause they had me in trasspassin which it wasnt that I couldn’t walk cause diabete and all. I want to file a suit towards this individual, or can this man be dismissed or demotted and can I be recompense for my troubles and heart ache and distress… I have all document to show if needed but would be looking forward in getting into a rental so I can work .

  32. Agent at hertz in Milwaukee airport added insurance and super roadside I specifically stated I did not want. Hertz stole $400.00 from me and this lady makes commission. First time using hertz and the last. I want my $400.00 dollars back.

  33. I really had bad experience with thrifty at the Memphis International Airport. My card was charged an extra day after I was told to drop the car off at 11pm onmo day 11/25. I dropped it off around 9:25 pm, turned it in to the same person who extened my rental time because of the 1st car she gave me cut off on me several times going to and coming from a family members funeral. I should have been givien a extra day for the trouble, embrassment if suffered and the time I lost. Instead this representive tells me to bring it back at a later time. I did just what she said and she still charged my card a extra day that caused me to go over my limit and be charged $35. No one did anything about it until I spoke with Mr. Jason (Em # 47623). Mr Jason when beyond the call of duty to make everything rite being I was being punished for doing what I was told. Jason is what every company needs representing them. His is professional, courteous, he shows he really cares about the customer. I want to thank this man for making things right, doing things right and brightening up a bad situation for me. You need more employees just like Jason and you will have fewer problems coming across you desk. He is a problem solver who needs to be recognized for caring about his companies image and the customer!! Thank you Jason (Em # 47623) job well done !!

  34. To whom it may concern: I rented a car from hertz October 14-November 23rd through the insurance of the person that hit me. During the time I had the car Ipaid 334.00 a week . and Hertz charged my debit card each week I rented the car. Upon me returning the car . Your employee said I was paid in full. Well two days later Hertz charged me 1900.00 dollars !!! How and why..This left my bank account in the negative! would like this fixed quickly. I called corporate office and told me to submit my receipt and things you all will fix the problem! hoping you will fix this real soon because my bank account is a mess. Here is a copy of my receipt
    I will email you the receipt.

  35. I rent a car from Hertz when I bought it back it was clean in full of gas before I bought it back i wash and vacuum the car out and I fill the car up with gas they charge me $300 Dallas claim that I was smoking in the car they said they got evidence me somkeing in the car and I asked them to provide me the evidence they have on me somkeing in the car and they tell me about they don’t have no picture of it but they supposed to have found some asses in the car

  36. We have 2 Customer Service Certificates worth $50 each. They will expire 6/30/2020. Can the expiration dates be extended if the shutdown continues in the US? My Goldstar #62880796.

  37. We have 2 Customer Service Certificates worth $50 each. They will expire 6/30/2020. Will the expiration dates be extended if the shutdown continues in the US ?

  38. I parked my rental at PHX Phoenix Sky Harbor airport 4,12.2021 . After discovering my phone was missing I talked to a rep at the rental office and he had someone check the car and found nothing . I supposed I left it at the hotel and flew back to Missouri. Then I went on and pinged my phone which was on and had 63% power. The phone is in your Sky Harbor garage, no doubt in the Infiniti XC80 SUV that I rented for 8 days. By now it has lost all battery power but is still there. All my conversations to try to get it back have been with robots and the only one that was human was from a call center in a foreign country. I got no help and reported it lost on your online site. This phone has a ton of photos on it , many of my only grandchild. Can you give me a direct line phone number at the Sky Harbor garage. Your help will be much appreciated and will increase the possibility that I will rent from you in the future. PS the Infinity was a great ride. Call me at 314 478 3798

  39. I called Hertz on Thursday and rented a compact car for $186.12 with my AAA discount. When I arrived to pick up the car I was told they had no cars. Then they proceeded to come up with a larger car and when I turned it in, they said the charge would be $625. I am in my 70s and was renting a car due to a life-and-death family emergency. This was the first time I had ever used Hertz. I have always used their competitor, and THEY honor the agreed-upon price even if they don’t have the size car I rented. Beware – – Hertz deleted my original rental and inserted a new one so they could pull a bait-and-switch on an old lady. I live on Social Security and $625 is a fortune in my world. BUYER BEWARE!

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