Writing the DMV

I emailed the director of the California DMV to see why new license plates take so long to arrive. Let’s see if he writes back: From: Paul Schreiber Subject: DMV’s great (and terrible) efficiency Date: September 27, 2006 9:09:18 am PDT To: George Valverde <gvalverde@dmv.ca.gov> Security: Signed George, A few years ago, I moved to […]

textbook pricing scams

Freakonomics readers get a lesson in price discrimination (or bad customer service): Interestingly, as I gave a lecture on “Price Discrimination”, using an example of the demand for textbooks (relatively inelastic) vs. novels (relatively elastic), the students pointed out that in our campus textbook store, “Freakonomics” is on sale at the regular price in the […]