State Farm Agent David Stewart sent me junk mail

Update: after this posting appeared, Mr. Stewart’s office contacted me. They tell me they have now removed my address from their mailing list.

…but he is a spammer. We keep getting cards in the mail from him, despite repeated requests to be removed from his mailing list.

David Stewart back
David Stewart front

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  1. Paul, Since all of our data bases are scrubbed against the “Do Not Solicit” data bases, I can only assume that you have not put youself on the list. Or, there is another name that it is going to and they have not asked to be on the “Do Not Solicit” data base. That being said, if you send me the names and address on the card I sent you, I will be happy to stop mailing to you (this is the only way I will be able to know how to take it out of my data base). Also, since this is the first time I have received this request from you, I don’t appreciate the fact that you put this on your blog.

    Sincerely, Dave Stewart

  2. Paul, I still haven’t heard back from you with the information I requested to take you off of my mailing list. If you don’t respond and take my name off of your misleading blog, I will have no choice but to take legal action for libel & defamation of character. Thank you.

    Dave Stewart

  3. bama says:

    here is what we do. in the reply envelope send him all the other junk mail you get from people. Make sure you remove your address from any paper but keep send him your junk mail. it will stop then!

  4. OK, Paul. State Farm has done it’s part and removed this address from our data base. Now, it is your turn to be honorable and take this off of your blog. n If you don’t, I will seek legal action.

    Dave Stewart

  5. spam hater says:

    stupid state farm and anyone else that spam people’s home and email addresses! stupid marketing people and their evil ways of doing business

  6. interesting says:

    fight fire with fire.. go to websites like and sign the reps up with as much junk catalogs as possible.

  7. I'm Sick of State Farm SPAM! says:

    I actually have the same problem with State Farm and their unwelcome Auto Insurance solicitations. I started receiving the solicitations earlier this year from SF on behalf of the agent that serves my area, and somehow they knew my name down to the middle initial despite the fact that I’ve never done business with State Farm! I consider that in itself a gross invasion of privacy.

    I politely called the agent involved and they immediately removed me from the list. About two months later I started receiving the same SF junk mail again, just this time without my middle initial.

    From what I’ve read it appears that the agent isn’t involved in the mailings (at least in my case), and they’re sent straight from SF Corporate.

  8. Stay Strong Paul! says:

    Keep it up Paul! I get 20 pieces of mail a month from these bumbs!

  9. Steve Smith says:

    Why are you complaining about getting marketing materials from a business owner? This is America. If you want to live in a socialist society then move away. Advertising via direct mail, telemarketing, etc is how businesses get their name out there. Every time you give anyone your email, address, phone #, etc it is sold to thousands of companies who will then contact you and try to earn your business. You don’t have to do business with them but why are you so angry about get solicited. Stop crying…

  10. Cuervo says:

    Something tells me that Steve Smith is from either USPS, the advertisement printers, or State Farm themselves. Those three parties are essentially the only ones who would cry about people not wanting junk mail from State Farm.

  11. Hubert Thomas says:

    Ineed for State farm to pull their add off my email page i can,t use my
    email properly they have large banner covrrning about a fourth of
    my email page ; pull this off right away .
    Hubert Thopmas

  12. Cuervo says:

    To Hubert Thomas: You’re complaining about something totally unrelated to what is being discussed here. This blog is about the advertising mail that State Farm sends out by way of the Postal Service, and NOT the advertising online. Just get a program like Ad Block installed on your browser and that’ll solve most if not all advertisements online.

  13. Jay says:

    Chad Lee, state farm agent from Altus, OK is doing the same thing to me. I don’t know how he even got my information. I’ve asked him to stop numerous times and he won’t.

  14. Rhiannon says:

    I found the article above after sending a crap ton of unsolicited State Farm ads from the jerks in my area. Every envelope sent back to them said “NOT INTERESTED – REMOVE FROM MAILING LIST” and still they reach my mailbox. I am sick and tired of State Farm spamming my (snail)mail box.

    I did a search on how to stop State Farm’s spam mail. I went to the Federal Trade Commission and ended up at a website called DMA Choice ( and have registered both mine and my boyfriend on the list to NOT receive State Farms crap anymore among many others.

    State Farm must be hurting for business if they keep spamming people’s mail boxes.

    ~Annoyed in NC.

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