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Ain’t no party like a no-party party

Sometimes indepenence isn’t enough. Want to make sure folks know you’re not a member of a political party? Here are 74 ways people have done this: Do not wish to specify dont have one Dont have one. dont know dont … Continue reading

Declaring independence … from the dictionary

Be careful when you give people a freeform text field. They’ll get creative. Here are 28 — yes, 28 — ways people spelled “independent”: endapendent IDEPENDENT Ind. Indenpent indepant Indepdendent Indepedent indepenant Independance Independanr Independence Independent independiant independient independnt Indepenent indepent Indepentant … Continue reading

Thirty-one ways to leave your lover

If you run any sort of text messaging service, you’ll have to process unsubscribe requests. The standard such messages is “STOP.” To make things easier for customers, in addition to “stop”, I wrote code that also looked for “unsubscribe”, “quit”, “cancel”, … Continue reading

New political tech group

Check out parra bellum labs, the RNC’s new innovation group.

Awesome music puns

You fucked with the wrong wrestler

As we read previously, sometimes criminals try picking on old folks thinking they’re easy targets. Then they get their asses kicked. This continues: Seated on the passenger’s side, Kemp was closing the door of his 2011 Volkswagen Jetta when the … Continue reading

Amazon Associates has a sense of humor

Why are you signing up for Amazon Associates?

In which a plan comes together

The case of the dirty validator (why web filters suck)

Web developers, be warned! Your secret page-validating habit has been found out: This nonsense proudly brought to you by PurePages, providers of nonsense filters use by mmmuffins wifi at Toronto Union Station.

Taiwanese news explains the TSA