You fucked with the wrong wrestler

As we read previously, sometimes criminals try picking on old folks thinking they’re easy targets. Then they get their asses kicked.

This continues:

Seated on the passenger’s side, Kemp was closing the door of his 2011 Volkswagen Jetta when the robber, identified as Richard Nowling, 41, stuck a gun in his face.

Thinking of his wife’s safety, the 5-foot-7 Kemp instinctively pushed the gun away. But the robber started to pistol whip Kemp in the head, police said.

“He started to hit me, so I reacted from there,” a bruised but smiling Kemp said Friday. “I got him out into the street and held his arm. I foot-sweeped him down and I was trying to get a hold of the gun. He banged me up a little bit but my main concern was the gun.”

Pulling out more wrestling moves, Kemp maneuvered the suspect into a rear naked choke hold, or “sleeper hold,” a popular submission technique in mixed martial arts.

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