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They don’t make things like they used to

Last year, I stayed with a friend in north Austin during SXSW. A bike was the best way to make the three-mile journey downtown. I had a few options: Renting I called Bicycle Sport Shop and a couple other stores. … Continue reading

Q&A fail

(via failblog, of course).

A couple of old favourites

Here’s a pair of great Bauer hockey commercials from back in the day: We all have something A clean sheet Does anyone have higher-quality copies? While we’re at it, does anyone have a copy of the NFL “Feel the Power” … Continue reading

Beyond amazing snowboard run

The lawyers win, again

My new Trek bike came with not one, not two, but three warning stickers. They difficult to read, state only the obvious, help no one, and leave an annoying, gooey mess when you remove them. I wonder if bikes in … Continue reading

Evgeni Malkin’s amazing goal

hockey rinks in the bay area

handy list of roller and ice hockey and skating rinks in the bay area.

moneyball for college football

Michael Lewis, chaser-down of those who make good use of limited resources, found Mike Leach at Texas Tech: Four years ago, Hodges was a high-school senior with just one other offer to be a college quarterback, from the University of … Continue reading

guerilla usability: ice oasis hockey

For the past two years, I’ve been playing hockey at Ice Oasis. It’s a nice enough rink, but their web site is terrible. While they’ve since ditched the neon colours, the schedule page is pretty awful: you have to see … Continue reading

sidney to habs? fuels speculation: “There will certainly be a discussion with the Penguins organization about whether they are prepared to entertain any offers for the top pick,” said the GM. “With a pick as high as No. 5 we are definitely … Continue reading