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Save the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is under attack — from within. The board is trying to shut members out from having a voice — forever. Please read the important note above, follow @savesfbike and vote no in the referendum.

They don’t make things like they used to

Last year, I stayed with a friend in north Austin during SXSW. A bike was the best way to make the three-mile journey downtown. I had a few options: Renting I called Bicycle Sport Shop and a couple other stores. … Continue reading

Bikes on a plane

When I went to New Zealand last year, I decided to take my bike with me. I’d have a van the whole time, so moving it around with me would be easy. And Air New Zealand allowed me two free … Continue reading

Portland: still awesome. Now with bike boxes.

More bike lanes for Toronto

Via Andrea: the Toronto Star shares the good news that Toronto’s getting a bike lane on Jarvis Street: Mayor David Miller: “The city needs a network so cyclists can travel their entire trip safely.” Check out all these hlmets: