Salomon inline skate strap repair

I have a pair of Salomon Smart Skate Chill LX inline skates. They’re pretty nifty — combining skates and shoes into one, so you have less to carry.

Recently, one of the straps broke in half. As Salomon no longer makes skates, I had to shop around for replacement parts. Both Inline Warehouse and Roller Warehouse have a variety of buckles/straps.

Unfortunately, none of them fit exactly — they are too wide for Salomon’s receptor.

  • Salomon: 17.1mm
  • Powerslide: 20.7mm
  • Razors: 21.5mm
  • Rollerblade (19.05mm, 15.875 kids)
  • Flying Eagle (20mm)
  • FR (20mm)
  • K2 (unknown — no answer from manufacturer)

The Powerslide receptor fits the Powerslide strap, but its bolt hole is rotated 180° from Salomon’s. The Razors receptor has the correct orientation. However, using it would mean threading around Salomon’s loop.

The fix was to trim 3mm off of the Powerslide strap with a utility knife. Use masking tape to mark the depth, and go slowly.

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