guerilla usability: ice oasis hockey

For the past two years, I’ve been playing hockey at Ice Oasis. It’s a nice enough rink, but their web site is terrible. While they’ve since ditched the neon colours, the schedule page is pretty awful:

  • you have to see all of the teams at once
  • white text on a red background is hard to read
  • it’s hard to tell when your next game is

My ice oasis schedule fixes all of those problems, and gives you even more. Features include:

  • A bookmarkable URL for your team
  • A choice of formats: HTML, plain text, iCal and RSS
  • Your next game is highlighted in green, and if that game is today, it is highlighted in red.
  • The colour of the team you’re playing is shown
  • A dynamically repopulating team menus whenever you change the day of the week

The site caches data from their site and converts it, much like Google makes PDFs and Word files available in HTML. It’s pretty gentle, not hitting the real site more than once a day.

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  1. If only you could convince them to put up stats-by-league so we can figure out who the top scorers are, etc.

    The IO schedule page is a great improvement, thanks a lot!!!

  2. How did you get past the initial login section? Do you have any code snippet for getting past the “Home.asp” page?
    I’ve written a little Python code to scrape the saved web pages and translate into iCal files. However, it would be nice to automate the entire process from login -> save -> scrape. Thanks.

  3. When you POST the form on Home.asp, you get back a cookie. You just need to send that back.

    If you were doing it with curl, you’d do it like this:

    curl -d ‘[email protected]&LoginPassword=1234567&Login=Login&Login.X=1&Login.Y=10’

    curl -H “Cookie: ASPSESSIONIDSATCDCBB=xxxxxxxx” “”

    Really, though, why reinvent the wheel. You can grab the ical files from me! If you want my PHP code, I’ll share.

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