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I Remember

Wanted: Scarborough Board of Education logo

Anyone have a vector version of this?

Steve Jobs’ latest presentation in 144 seconds

via Garr

Disgusting bacteria-ridden disks of suck

An open letter to Levi’s Workshops

I hope you rot in CAN-SPAM hell. At least you included an unsubscribe link this time (but no physical address). I never signed up for your stupid list, and have been trying to unsubscribe for WEEKS, including calling your customer … Continue reading

The Single Truest Political Rant Ever to Appear on Morning Television

Smart is an American value

USPS attempts internet customer service, fails miserably

I found a broken link on and reported it: If you go to “Web Tools Technical Guides”: And click on “Address Information (HTML)”: You get a “page not found” (404) error. File or Page Requested Not Found … Continue reading

Breitbart attempts to manufacture another race controversy

Noted scumbag Andrew Breitbart is stirring the pot again. He posted an article, “Obama: Republicans Counting On Blacks Staying Home,” where he placed a selectively edited video Obama’s Philadelphia speech. Breitbart only shows this much: They’re counting on young people … Continue reading

What happens when you turn off the traffic lights

*Video: no traffic lights