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What happens when you turn off the traffic lights

*Video: no traffic lights

A Case for Open Data in Transit

A Case for Open Data in Transit from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

Caltrain bike car update

Back on February 5, Caltrain agreed to expand the capacity of all their bike cars. Older, Gallery cars would go from 32 spots to 40. Newer, Bombardier cars would go from 16 to 24 spots. Turnaround was quick, with the … Continue reading

Translink, you’re breaking my heart

I finally (finally!) got my Translink card. So excited! It now joins my BART EZ Rider card, my MBTA CharlieCard and my WMATA SmarTrip card. (Aside: TTC and (NY)MTA, get on this.) Inside the envelope are several letters and brochures. … Continue reading