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Stand behind what you say

“I don’t care what you, or you shouldn’t care what I have to say if I’m not willing to put my name behind it.” — Daniel Okrent

What Mark Fiore is doing with his Pulitzer Prize money

Newly minted Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fiore — whose app is now in the iTunes Store — had this to say: Since winning the prize brought attention to Apple’s policy of rejecting iPhone apps that “ridicule public figures” I figure … Continue reading

Religious nutters ask for advice, don’t get what they expected

Margo Howard, Ann Landers’ daughter, is also an advice columnist. Recently, she received a question from some religious fanatics: Our daughter started college a year ago, and we’ve noticed during her visits home that she’s not the sweet, innocent girl … Continue reading

Jim Cramer: He’s like a dartboard that talks

Greg Quill is a poor journalist

To: Bureau of Accuracy/Public Editor Janet Hurley, Entertainment Editor Greg Quill, Entertainment columnist Toronto Star This letter is in regards to Mr. Quill’s article, “Shaye no longer a trio, except on TV,” originally published at [1] I was extremely … Continue reading

The Promise

How to fix a newspaper

Jim Romenesko over at Poynter forums explains how to “reenergize readers” — that is, how to fix your newspaper, including: Go out in street, see news, write it up. Yank all columnists who write with the word “I” or cutesy … Continue reading

tim redmond loses it

the san francisco bay guardian‘s editor, tim redmond, has been drinking something funny lately, resulting in him ranting against craigslist: The problem with that is simple: When Craig comes to town (and he’s coming to just about every town in … Continue reading

o’reilly gets skewered

Thanks, Keith Olbermann — that was excellent.

photos of the year

Reuters 2005 photos of the year.