belated katrina notes

some news of note: George Bush signed and executive order lifting wage restrictions and allowing government contractors rebuilding new orleans to pay workers less than the prevailing wage FEMA’s email server broke. New Orleans being underwater was preventable. Former FEMA head Mike Brown padded his resume FEMA refused help from Amtrak, Wal-Mart, the Coast Guard, […]

fox screws up, innocent family hurt

Sensationalist “journalism” at FOX misidentifies family as terrorists: The LA Times reports that featured Fox News contributor John Loftus incorrectly identified a La Habra, CA, home as that of a terrorist. The family of five who lives there has been harrassed ever since. … Loftus, whose “Inside Scoop with John Loftus” is a feature of […]

Houston Chronicle 1, Bill O’Reilly 0

Fox blabbermouth Bill O’Reilly started ranting about a Houston Chronicle editorial. Except he made the whole thing up: On The O’Reilly Factor cable television program Tuesday night, the popular host included a segment that took the Houston Chronicle to task for an editorial that had run the same day. The editorial was entitled Cold comfort: […]