Greg Quill is a poor journalist

To: Bureau of Accuracy/Public Editor
Janet Hurley, Entertainment Editor
Greg Quill, Entertainment columnist
Toronto Star

This letter is in regards to Mr. Quill’s article, “Shaye no longer a trio, except on TV,” originally published at [1]

I was extremely disappointed with Mr. Quill’s sloppy and wildly inaccurate article. It listed an incorrect cause of death for Tara MacLean’s sister, an incorrect number of children for Ms. MacLean and made several false statements regarding Shaye’s relationship with their record company.

Poor “reporting” such as this would not have made it to print when I was the arts editor for my university paper, Imprint. I expected Canada’s largest newspaper to have higher standards. Clearly, I was wrong.

Tara MacLean has enumerated the errors on her blog.

Perhaps Mr. Quill should stick to performing music and refrain from writing about it.

Paul Schreiber

[1] The article has been updated with some corrections since its publication. That does not excuse the shoddy work.

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