Good opinions

Insight, in comments: You would think these guys have the final word about the internet. It helps to sound authoritative when issuing opinions, and good ones tend to sound condescending. What do people expect, equivocation and coddling? “Maybe the sky is blue … I can see how others might think it’s a greenish-gray, I don’t […]

They don’t make things like they used to

Last year, I stayed with a friend in north Austin during SXSW. A bike was the best way to make the three-mile journey downtown. I had a few options: Renting I called Bicycle Sport Shop and a couple other stores. The problem is that people rent bicycles as entertainment, not transportation, and they’re priced accordingly. […]

Think your airline joining Star Alliance helps you?

Last fall, Continental Airlines joined Star Alliance. Since I have most of my points/miles with Air Canada’s Aeroplan—also a member of Star Alliance—I thought that would be good news. It’s not. There’s no way to combine points from both programs to get an award, and no way to move points from from one Star Alliance […]