Handling Rails errors: custom error pages, logging, notification

I wanted to improve error handling In my Rails applications. Specifically, I wanted three things: a custom error page that matched the site's design the errors to appear in the error log (production.log) email notification of server errors Note: these steps are for Rails 2.3.2–2.3.8. Other versions may require different instructions. Custom error page Normally, […]

Bikes on a plane

When I went to New Zealand last year, I decided to take my bike with me. I’d have a van the whole time, so moving it around with me would be easy. And Air New Zealand allowed me two free bags, one of which could be a bicycle. If you’re interested in travelling with your […]

What Mark Fiore is doing with his Pulitzer Prize money

Newly minted Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fiore — whose app is now in the iTunes Store — had this to say: Since winning the prize brought attention to Apple’s policy of rejecting iPhone apps that “ridicule public figures” I figure the least I can do is devote more resources to ridiculing public figures.”

Don’t cancel

Liz Danzico wrote a great little essay on two flaws in our culture: Saying things we don’t mean to be “polite” (“Let’s get together soon”) Agreeing to do something and then cancelling on the person The post is concise and thoughtful — read the whole thing — and concludes with this: 4. Don’t cancel Ever. […]