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The Web Design Survey, 2007

HOWTO subvert Australian security

Beyond amazing snowboard run

Bad Wired, no cookie

I got some junk mail recently advertising the Web 2.0 Expo. I called O’Reilly. They removed me from their list. I wanted to find out how they got my name. Customer service put me through to the conference publicist. The … Continue reading

Troubleshooting a SanDisk SDDR-95 reader whose cards won’t mount

Say you have a SanDisk ImageMate (SDDR-95) USB 2.0 card reader with a Fuji xD card inside it. And you have a Mac running Mac OS X 10.4.9. And you attach the card reader, insert the card, and … nothing. … Continue reading

Thumbs up to the iPod UI team

Newer-model iPods give this message when you attempt to connect them to a computer via FireWire: FireWire connections are not supported. To transfer songs, connect the USB cable to dismiss. This demonstrates key elements of a good error message: A … Continue reading

The Tuxedo Travels

My friend Doug and his buddy Heath have embarked on The Tuxedo Travels — a four-month trip by “two fools who barely know each other” from Hong Kong to London entirely overland, wearing only tuxedos. Of course, they’re blogging the … Continue reading

EW <3 FNL, too

Alynda Wheat in this week’s Entertainment Weekly‘s Tonight’s Best TV: Friday Night Lights NBC, if you don’t renew this show, I swear I’ll take every n, b, and c out of this column! A d if you etwork astards thi … Continue reading

Sam Shaber as 13-year-old Scottish boy

Enric Teller shared a video of Sam Shaber goofing off at my most recent house concert.

MoveOn’s mail merge could use a little help

On March 23, 2007, I received an email from MoveOn titled “Rep. Pelosi does the right thing on Iraq.” It began like this: Dear MoveOn member, We’re one step closer in the fight to end the war. Today the Iraq … Continue reading