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Aww, new Weepies video: Be My Honeypie

Indexed explains the music industry

SXSW Music Panel Proposal: House Concerts

This year’s SXSW Music festival has joined the 21st century — they now have an interactive panel picker. That means you can vote for my panel Why Your Tour Needs House Concerts. Here’s the official description: Find out why house … Continue reading

Awesome “Single Ladies” mashup

I’m not much for mashups (the Grey Album didn’t do a thing for me), but this one is amazing: Beyonce vs the Andy Griffith Show theme. Update 2017-02-17: this link still works:

An iTunes sleep timer

Ever wished you could tell iTunes to stop playing your music after a little while? Here’s how to make a sleep timer with AppleScript: display dialog “How many minutes until I pause iTunes?” default answer 10 delay ((text returned of … Continue reading

Separated at birth, part II

Following up on the booking agent and singer, we have the guitar player and entrepreneur. Jukebox the Ghost’s Tommy Siegel and Citizen Agency’s Chris Messina: Apparently they have a triplet, Josh Roth.

Samantha Murphy’s digital freedom spot

Great work, Samantha!

TenEleven things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco* has all kinds of interesting events going on. Here are some of my favourite off-the-beaten-path activities: Storytelling Porchlight Science Ask a Scientist Down to a ScienceĀ [on hiatus] Music Paul’s San Francisco House Concerts Drew Pearce’s House Concerts Songwriters … Continue reading

Sam Shaber as 13-year-old Scottish boy

Enric Teller shared a video of Sam Shaber goofing off at my most recent house concert.

Anya Marina house concert photos

Eric Carter and Enric Teller posted some photos of last month’s fantastic Anya Marina house concert.