Music business takes a few steps in the right direction

While the big four record labels are still stuck in the previous century, technology continues to democratize the music industry. Not only do we have cheap multitrack recording software and online distribution, but we’re seeing some interesting funding models as well. In September, Wired covered Nettwerk‘s return to good-guy status, helping the Barenaked Ladies break […]

top 20 CDs of 2005

Luke Doucet/Broken (and other rogue states) Kyler England/Live Wire Jason Mraz/MR. A-Z Sylvie Lewis/Tangos & Tantrums Libbie Schrader/Taking the Fall Samantha Murphy/Somewhere Between Starving & Stardom Josh Rouse/Nashville Pocket Dwellers/PD-Atrics Erin McKeown/We Will Become Like Birds Sarah Harmer/I’m a Mountain Kathleen Edwards/Back to Me Emm Gryner/The Great Lakes Great Big Sea/The Hard and The Easy […]