Music business takes a few steps in the right direction

While the big four record labels are still stuck in the previous century, technology continues to democratize the music industry. Not only do we have cheap multitrack recording software and online distribution, but we’re seeing some interesting funding models as well.

In September, Wired covered Nettwerk‘s return to good-guy status, helping the Barenaked Ladies break free of their label (and make $6 per CD instead of under $1).

TechCrunch ran with news of SellaBand, a German company that brings the distributed funding model (of, say Prosper or Kiva) to music.

And this week, my friend Travis reminded me of Amie Street, which introduces demand-based pricing (get in early to get cheap music). And it’s all MP3s, no DRM.

(See also my previous post on recommendation services.)

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