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I found a card at SXSW for a free music sampler from Verve. They want you to go to, then register, thenenter in the “download code” of vforecastsxsw.

The music sampler (Jamie Cullum, Brazilian Girls, Jackie Greene, Rhett Miller, Susan Tedeschi, Teddy Thompson) comes in four formats, all of which are annoying:

The QuickTime files are .mov files with an embedded AAC track. However, QuickTime won’t let me extract the track cleanly — I can only export as AIFF, AU (why?) and WAVE.

Glenn Anderson has some handy QuickTime Exporters, including one that will save it as AAC (after downsampling from 256 to 128).

Anyone have any better solutions?

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  1. Yes, you just need to know the right words. Quicktime is a container format that multiplexes (or muxes) multiple streams together. You want to demux (or demultiplex) the quicktime file into it’s components. There’s a tool called gstreamer that contains a component called “qtdemux – Quicktime stream demuxer … Demultiplex a QuickTime file into audio and video streams”. This will almost certainly do what you need. I’m installing it right now to see if it works.

    Yeah, it’s really annoying and stupid that QT Pro doesn’t have this built-in since it would be trivial for them (you…) to implement.


  2. I’m no Simon Woodside, but I’ve been using a program called ffmpegx which says it converts these formats to other formats. It sure does work for DivX to PSP-compatible MP4 H.264 on my Dual Core G5 – crazy fast conversion.

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