Possible Jeopardy “Before & After” answers

You come up with the questions:

  • Screen real estate agent
  • Sleepless in Seattle Seahawks
  • Len (Rosario) Dawson’s Creek


  • Corporate identity crisis
  • Pulitzer prize fighter
  • Norman Mailer-Daemon
  • Best friends with benefits
  • Judge Judy Bloom
  • Tom Cruise control
  • Dry Clean Sweep
  • Southern Bell(e) Pepper
  • John Daly Show
  • Green House Dressing
  • Hammond organ transplant
  • Lawn Bowling Green Ohio
  • Honda Civic duty
  • Fort Mason jar
  • Hearts of space invaders
  • Traffic Jam Session
  • Yukon gold standard
  • Yukon gold rush
  • Personal Space Invaders
  • Mean Joe Green bean
  • Carly Simon Says
  • Dog Walker Texas Ranger
  • Johnnie Walker Texas Ranger
  • Bloody Mary Poppins
  • Donald Duck a l’orange
  • Third Wheel of Fortune
  • Orange Julius Caesar

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  1. Abraham Lincoln Towncar
    Woody Allen Wrench
    Kirstie Alley Cat
    Daryl Hannah Montana
    Beauty and the Beast of Burden
    Tom & Jerry Maguire

  2. egg foo young and the restless
    cd case files
    coffee mug shot
    chicken tender is the night
    ivy league of nations
    guitar pick your nose
    halter toppings
    dust in the wind beneath my wings
    bar stool sample
    ballpoint penn and teller
    cardboard box car
    sesame street walker
    mississippi cup (it’s a stretch)

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