Broken: Alsoft’s online ordering system

Alsoft is one of my favourite companies. DiskWarrior is the best Mac OS X disk repair utility, hands down. Well, well worth its price.

As soon as I found out DiskWarrior 4 had been released, I immediately ordered the upgrade, without even finishing the article. This was around December 11.

So, what’s broken?

First, Alsoft’s online store does not send out an email confirmation of your order.

Second, upgrade (loyal) customers are being treated like second-class citizens. It’s been five weeks, and the product is all over stores (and was for sale at Macworld Expo), and I still don’t have my copy.

Third, there’s no way to check order status — I had to phone Alsoft to confirm that, yes, I really had ordered, and yes, it should eventually ship. (But they don’t know when.)

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