Monthly Archives: February 2006

Why Asian Muslims didn’t explode

After the cartoon fiasco, Karim Raslan of the The New York Times wrote Why Asian Muslims didn’t explode. He doesn’t really answer why, but he does cite several cultural differences. Some of hsi strongest rhetoric: Whether we are conservative or … Continue reading

music for me to check out

Amy and Kevin suggested: Vanessa Morrison Carvell Wallace Kyra Brown Joe Henry

Windows 2006 = Mac OS 2003?

Re-Introducing the Real Windows Vista.

waterfall 2006

interesting software conference this spring. Sessions include: Take Control of Your Team’s Decisions NOW! by Ken Schwaber Avoiding the Seven Pitfalls of Lean by Mary Poppendieck Pair Managing: Two Managers per Programmer by Jim Highsmith Two-Phase Waterfall: Implementation Considered Harmful … Continue reading

handbook for touring bands

The Canadian government wants to help you tour successfully.

flickr: toys and inspiration

fun flickr toys that let you make calendars, billboards, fortune cookies and more out of your photos. fantastically beautiful high speed photos of water, sparks and motion. and lightning.

Sarah Slean has a way with words

Sarah Slean takes a break from poetry to share some tales from the road. Her words recall Finding Forrester: After the requisite used bookstore visit, we return to the room to find a tray full of goodies from our fairy … Continue reading

OK Go says “OK stop DRM”

Boing Boing points us at a New York Times piece and blog entry from OK Go’s Damian Kulash on the futility of DRM: From the blog: DRM just flat out sucks. Its most obvious problem is that it doesn’t work. … Continue reading

a woz interview

The Cardinal Inquirer interviewed Steve Wozniak: Sometimes the engineers are true artists and really care what they’re doing, doing a really great job. Although, I don’t know how much I can even say that because the big companies, Microsoft, Apple … Continue reading

Letterman tells O’Reilly off

We already know MSNBC doesn’t like Bill O’Reilly. Neither does CBS. Instead of the usual softballs, O’Reilly got mocked by David Letterman.