Why Asian Muslims didn’t explode

After the cartoon fiasco, Karim Raslan of the The New York Times wrote Why Asian Muslims didn’t explode. He doesn’t really answer why, but he does cite several cultural differences.

Some of hsi strongest rhetoric:

Whether we are conservative or liberal, many of us are appalled and angered by the stupidity and insensitivity of the Danish newspaper cartoons. But that doesn’t mean we’ve taken leave of our senses.

I, for one, won’t be throwing out my Lego set or my Bang & Olufsen sound system, let alone plotting to unveil a Zionist conspiracy.

I may be a Muslim, but I can tell the difference between a newspaper and a people, a country and a principle.

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  1. the negative and violent reaction by muslims to the cartoon was blown out of proportion by the media. most muslins didn’t even freak out at all. just certain extremists in war-torn countries, but that is to be expected. the muslims are getting a bad rap for being violent that is not really true to reality.

    btw, denmark does have a history of being racist towards muslims. so yeah… denmark should be educated towards other groups. that ignorant cartoon came from a very legitimate place in that country. it echoes mainstream sentiment there.

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