Monthly Archives: March 2005

fuzzy math, RIAA style

moses runs the numbers: There is only one logical integration of all these statistics with the recent Soundscan data: even though actual point-of-purchase sales are up by about 9% in the US – and the industry sold over 13,000,000 more … Continue reading

film photos are now niche

we <3 sciam

Scientific American has a great op-ed satirizing creationism: There’s no easy way to admit this. For years, helpful letter writers told us to stick to science. They pointed out that science and politics don’t mix. They said we should be … Continue reading

when computers crash

one guy was not happy when his machine died: “There was one restaurant manager who was so upset with his laptop that he threw it into deep fryer,” Norman said. “That destroyed the laptop … and deep fryer, too.”

plagiarist laura k. pahl aka laura k. krishna

So this guy catches a plagiarist, Laura K Pahl, then tries to cover it up by changing her name (but doesn’t change the URL). Ooops. And Laura goes to Lewis University. (And he didn’t change James Gaffney’s name.) Yay Google … Continue reading

prius love

The Boston Globe on the Prius love: Then there’s the hipness factor: ”I’ve had a lot of kids tell me that this is way cool,” she says, ”and at age 52, I have very few ways to be way cool.” … Continue reading

hybrids in Wired

Wired talks about the Prius: But the marketing department knew that only a special customer would pay $20,000 for a compact car. Specifically, someone with a master’s degree, a six-figure income, and a fondness for composting. Oh well, I’m 0-for-3 … Continue reading

japanese movies

Any movie that starts with 50 japanese schoolgirls jumping in front of a speeding train is by default messed up.

back in the day…

Gerald Weinberg talks about what it was like to be a real programmer: A San Francisco oil company, which couldn’t accept the coast-to-coast turnaround time, requested an IBM machine of its own (at a cost of roughly $20 million) to … Continue reading

easter bunny attacked

boy attacks easter bunny at mall.