The Economist on MGM v Grokster

The Economist, fresh off their SemaCode scoop, rips in to the music industry’s legal “strategy”: But even if the entertainment business manages to coax more users into paying for legal downloads and succeeds in court against Grokster and StreamCast, its problems are unlikely to go away. True, a Supreme Court ruling in the industry’s favour […]

useful photography tools

Some handy tips from my friend Dennis: ExpoDisc (white balance/warm balance filter) white balance reference cards capture one noise ninja More software Nik Multimedia software kodak software (digital roc, digital sho, digital gem) Articles Nikonians on white balance TidBITS on Editing Photographs for the Perfectionist In the TidBITS article, the author, Charles, points out a […]

The Blog Cycle

The Blog Cycle: What is blogging? Our community invented blogging! Blogging vs. Journalism Where are the women/minorities? You’ll get fired! Think about the children! The technology is boring/unimportant Will blogs change the world? What you do isn’t blogging — do it this way. They don’t deserve it!

Gender Differences in Spoken and Written Communication

Gender Differences in Spoken and Written Communication: For example, women tend to use more affective markers (e.g., “I know how you feel”), more diminutives (e.g., “little bitty insect”), more hedge words (e.g., perhaps, sort of), more politeness markers (e.g., “I hate to bother you”), and more tag questions (e.g., “We’re leaving at 8:00 pm, aren’t […]


Ryan pointed to a good article in Canadian Business on the MBET program at Waterloo. The article has makes a couple of interesting points. First, a gym not on the cluetrain: The computer program, which pumped out graphs based on body composition measurements, and strength and endurance test data quickly made Nickelchok the most popular […]