date sorting code

i was making a birthday-tracking application, and wanted to be able to do year-insensitive date sorts. i couldn’t find what I was looking for, so I wrote this: int personSortByBirthday (NSCalendarDate *d1, NSCalendarDate *d2, void *context) { int day1 = [d1 dayOfMonth]; int day2 = [d2 dayOfMonth]; int month1 = [d1 monthOfYear]; int month2 = […]

back in the day…

Gerald Weinberg talks about what it was like to be a real programmer: A San Francisco oil company, which couldn’t accept the coast-to-coast turnaround time, requested an IBM machine of its own (at a cost of roughly $20 million) to run an application that blended oil from its distillation towers everyday. According to Weinberg, performing […]

google gets it

Joe Beda explains the Google development model. Highlights: There is, by and large, only one code base at Google. This has many advantages. Most obvious is that it is really easy to look at and contribute to code in other projects without having to talk to anyone, get special permissions or fill out forms in […]