shipping software

now that’s what i call shipping software: A good friend of mine investigated a performance problem one morning, he saw an obvious defect and fixed it. His code was trivial, it was tested during the day, and rolled out that evening. By the next morning millions of users had benefited from his work. Not a […]

HOWTO run SASL with Postfix on Debian

HOWTO run SASL with postfix on debian. this authenticates using saslauthd, so it checks against your standard user/password database (aka uses PAM). 0. install some packages (apt-get install):postfixpostfix-tlssasl2-binlibsasl2libsasl-modulelibsasl2-dev 1. edit /etc/group, adding posfix to the sasl group (use vigr):sasl:*:45:postfix 2. ensure /etc/default/saslauthd looks like this:START=yesMECHANISMS=”pam” 3. make postfix not chroot. in /etc/postfix/, change smtp inet […]