prius plus plus

while i was out last night, two friends IMd me with news of the CalCars plug-in hybrid initiative and the New York Times coverage.

some folks have hacked a prius by adding more batteries, pushing it well over 100 mpg. (Caveat: burning coal to generate electricity isn’t a net win, coseversation wise. Of course, if you get your power via windmills…)

and lastly, smart start outsmarted some dumb thieves.

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  1. I’ll just tow a peble bed reactor behind mine in a uhual. I guess I won’t even need batteries.

  2. Windmills visual pollution?
    Versus skyscrapers, barns, homes, mountains, trees …

    I am not suggesting that we eliminate progress but open our eyes to the ACTUAL cost of energy INCLUDING ALL WASTE PRODUCTS (nuclear is a long term problem, hopefully we can solve them before we totally trash our environment), and if you don’t like the form of the future YOU can influence it by sponsoring our future engineers, or becoming one yourself and implementing a more ‘aesthetic’ solution.

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