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Religious nutters ask for advice, don’t get what they expected

Margo Howard, Ann Landers’ daughter, is also an advice columnist. Recently, she received a question from some religious fanatics: Our daughter started college a year ago, and we’ve noticed during her visits home that she’s not the sweet, innocent girl … Continue reading is phoning it in

Good ol’ Fklsdjf Fldskf;!

The great Mac OS X Software Update chart

Recently, my friend Rob posed a question to twitter: Is Mac OS X 10.5.7 the single biggest patch Apple has ever released, or just one of the biggest? I thought that was an easy question to anwser. I was wrong. … Continue reading

Doctorow: reign in ISPs to foster innovation

Writing for The Guardian, Cory Doctorow explains why net neutrality is essential and dispells myths about billing to show us we need a free and open Internet to allow for innovation: Take filtering: by allowing ISPs to silently block access … Continue reading

More bike lanes for Toronto

Via Andrea: the Toronto Star shares the good news that Toronto’s getting a bike lane on Jarvis Street: Mayor David Miller: “The city needs a network so cyclists can travel their entire trip safely.” Check out all these hlmets:

Hilarious FTC ads poke fun at Experian’s “free” reports

Seen those annoying ads for Been, er, annoyed? Not only are they annoying (sense a theme here?), they’re also misleading. The FTC has their own ads, promoting, which actually is free.

Deep Agriculture: Michael Pollan at Long Now

Our entire agricultural system is built on cheap oil. As a consequence, our agriculture sector actually is contributing more greenhouse gases than our transportation sector. And in the mean time, it’s creating monocultures that are vulnerable to national security threats, … Continue reading

How many usability engineers does it take to buy a light bulb?

For those of you who just want the answer, here you go: Range hood bulb: 10 Watt G4 In-oven bulb: 50 Watt 130 Volt GY6.35 Head to your corner store and pick one up. Now, on with the story.

One Less Torture Advocate

I can’t really say this any better than The New Republic already did. Seems right-wing radio shock jock Eric Muller lasted all of seven seconds of waterboarding before he gave up and admitted it was torture: Turns out the stunt … Continue reading

Verizon willing to let man die over unpaid $20 phone bill

Check out this piece in the Dover, Ohio Times-Reporter. Seem Verizon was wouldn’t help the cops until they paid the victim’s overdue phone bill: Williams said he attempted to use the man’s cell phone signal to locate him, but the … Continue reading