Monthly Archives: December 2005

bay area usability and design organizations

Silicon Valley SIGGRAPH BayDUX Interaction Design Association Society for Technical Communication San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, ACM The Information Architecture Institute and quasi-related: Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

photos of the year

Reuters 2005 photos of the year.

hockey rinks in the bay area

handy list of roller and ice hockey and skating rinks in the bay area.

W Lifestyle salon, Toronto

For Google: W Lifestyle Salon 721 Queen Street West Toronto ON M6J 1E6 416-361-9777 (Daniela, formerly of Xtraordinaire, works Saturdays.)

free Macworld Expo passes

free Macworld Expo passes, courtesy of Peachpit Press.

luke doucet is brilliant

“One day you’re gonna miss me / but you’ve gotta have a heart to have a broken one.” —Luke Doucet, Broken One

enjoying your hotel stay

over at signal 15, we hear: So, I’m in Milwaukee at ye olde Holiday Inn Express. They have a wireless internet connection here and it’s been suckin’ all night, like I couldn’t even do anything on it. I suspected someone … Continue reading

Marquette U doesn’t believe in free speech

A dental student at Marquette University got in a bit of trouble over a blog posting. I’ll let the Marquette Warrior sum it up: But this is the first case we know of (there probably have been many we don’t … Continue reading

gawker + nyt remix

If the New York Times editors were given Gawker’s content, you’d get this.

moneyball for college football

Michael Lewis, chaser-down of those who make good use of limited resources, found Mike Leach at Texas Tech: Four years ago, Hodges was a high-school senior with just one other offer to be a college quarterback, from the University of … Continue reading