iTunes 5 from the perspective of anthropomorphized brushed metal

Daring Fireball: The iTunes 5 Announcement From the Perspective of an Anthropomorphized Brushed Metal User Interface Theme: Brushed Metal: I’m the bad-ass theme. I’m the one who flouts the Human Interface Guidelines. Mike: This guy trashes the HIG the way Johnny Depp trashes a hotel room. He even sports a custom radius on his window […]

Canon Scanner driver sucks

I downloaded the Canon LIDE scanner software. The file was a StuffIt (.sit) file. After I decompressed that, I was faced with “” That installed … another installer. The “CanoScan Toolbox Installer” actually installs the software. Ideally, this would have been a drag install from a mounted disk image. They could have at least used […]

marketing sucks

Jeff Veen, asked to judge an interactive design competition, rails against those still not on the cluetrain: User-centered design vs. marketing and image Most sites had no sense whatsoever of how to engage a potential customer through the Web. Of all the consumer electronics sites I evaluated, for example, not one compared to sites like […]