Where to eat in San Francisco

I’m often asked for restaurant recommendations in San Francisco. I’m compiling that list here to make it easier to share with friends. I’ll update it as a I remember more or things change. Restaurant recommendations Chow (try the smiling noodles) Chez Maman (french) Squat and Gobble (great omelettes — recommend Haight/Fillmore location) Herbivore (vegetarian) Stable […]

iMessage and T-Mobile Monthly4G prepaid

I have a factory unlocked iPhone 4. It was running iOS 5.0.1 and has a T-Mobile SIM in it. Voice, text, data and MMS all work as expected. This morning, I was unable to activate iMessage. Several times, it got stuck “waiting for activation.” Eventually, it displayed an “Activation Failed” message. I tried removing my […]