Ellen Miller’s brilliant vision for open government

Let’s imagine in for a moment what it would be like if everything the government can share publicly were made public as it happened. If every law, report, inspection, regulation, enforcement action, budget and meeting that we should be aware of is actually made available online and in real time. It would be nothing short of revolutionary.

Many of the incentives that govern our democracies would be fundamentally altered.

Corruption would merely be unthinkable, or at least unsustainable. Regulations could be quickly
enforced. Waste could be quickly addressed. Citizens with good ideas would have an easier time getting in touch with power and the bad actors would be more easily weeded out.

Armed with with access to all kinds of information citizens, can play a more productive and
effective role in self-government and civic life.

Our work to expand public access to government data is enabling citizens like never before to hold their government and their public officials accountable. We must do this because our governments are only as strong as our citizens are informed, and our information is open.

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