Monthly Archives: December 2010

Helen Mirren and Sheryl Sandberg on gender

I’ll take obscure error messages for $400, Alex

GenerationX updated for Snow Leopard

When you work on your family tree — or genealogy project — you’ll work with GEDCOM files. Sites like Geni and can export (and sometimes) import these files. There are a few Mac programs for editing GEDCOM files: Reunion … Continue reading

Amazon Associates has a sense of humor

Why are you signing up for Amazon Associates?

In which a plan comes together

Math is hard, Mint edition

Huawei / Wind Mobile Connect Manager’s fuzzy math

HP’s Epic DFS fail

In hardware engineering lingo, DFS is “design for serviceability.”

Understanding Disk Utility’s “Could not restore – Device not configured” error

On Mac OS X, if you attempt to use Disk Utility to restore one volume to another (such as a DVD to a USB drive), you may get this error: Could not restore – Device not configured This means you … Continue reading

How to solve the “undefined method `deep_symbolize_keys’ for nil:NilClass” error in Rails

I was trying to migrate a table in my Rails app and got this error: undefined method `deep_symbolize_keys’ for nil:NilClass It’s a strange error, and there weren’t very many hits on Google. A lighthouse ticket provided a clue. The problem … Continue reading