Understanding Disk Utility’s “Could not restore – Device not configured” error

On Mac OS X, if you attempt to use Disk Utility to restore one volume to another (such as a DVD to a USB drive), you may get this error:
Could not restore - Device not configured

This means you have a bad USB drive and need to replace it.

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  1. Are you sure about that? I just bought a new drive and I’m getting this error. I tried “restoring” my original mac mini drive to the new drive so I’d have way more space.

  2. BULLSHIT usb drive is fine, some other error no idea how to fix it with Disk Utility. BUT i found a work around.
    BUY OR DOWNLOAD Carbon Copy Cloner.
    Clone your usb that was and no problem. weird but there you go. this is an issue with MAC not with usb or source.

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