Monthly Archives: April 2006

great deal on SubEthaEdit

Travis tipped me off to a great deal on SubEthaEdit from the CodingMonkeys. There’s something called BLOGZOT 2.0 on, where they give away software based on the number of people who blog about it (up to $105,000). I just … Continue reading

unofficial ice oasis schedule update

Last year, I put together a web site that generates schedules for the Ice Oasis hockey leagues. This worked well up until a month or so ago. Then this started happening:

the magic growing text box

Here’s a text box that grows as you type to hold just the right amount of text: <textarea name=”foo” rows=”1″ cols=”20″ onkeypress=”resizeme(this);”></textarea> <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″> // <![CDATA[ function resizeme(t) { var characterCount = t.value.length; // assuming proportional font var columnCount … Continue reading

top 20 CDs of 2005

Luke Doucet/Broken (and other rogue states) Kyler England/Live Wire Jason Mraz/MR. A-Z Sylvie Lewis/Tangos & Tantrums Libbie Schrader/Taking the Fall Samantha Murphy/Somewhere Between Starving & Stardom Josh Rouse/Nashville Pocket Dwellers/PD-Atrics Erin McKeown/We Will Become Like Birds Sarah Harmer/I’m a Mountain … Continue reading

fixing the airlines

Sites like Expedia, Yahoo Travel and Travelocity all have one thing in common: they suck. Actually, they probably all use SABRE, too. It’s very hard to use these sites to compare trips with multiple airports; refining your results is hard, … Continue reading

blowing up a g4

so some guy got people to donate money so he could buy a G5 and blew up his G4. too funny.

ISO 3103

ISO 3103, the international standard for brewing tea.

Canadian University Lightbulb Jokes

Canadian University Lightbulb Jokes.

Using CURL in PHP

In Python, to read a URL, I do the following: import urllib data = urllib.urlopen(‘’).read() PHP links against cURL, which lets you accomplish the same thing … in five lines of code. If this is something you plan to do … Continue reading

congrats Mark and Catie!

Mark Erelli and Catie Curtis just won the grand prize in the International Songwriting Competition. Their song, “People Look Around,” is a stark, honest portrait of the United States and a cry for humanity — for us to be more … Continue reading