musician bingo

Some musicians are more comfortable in studio than on stage, and it shows. While on stage, they often resort to clichés and canned lines.

We should have a game called “musician bingo.” We can print out cards and bring them to shows. Here’s what I have so far:

  1. musician mentions name of city
  2. musician asks how crowd is doing
  3. musician mentions name of city, but gets it wrong
  4. musician mentions name of bar
  5. musician mentions name of bar, but gets it wrong
  6. musician thanks audience for coming
  7. musician thanks sound guy
  8. musician thanks lighting guy
  9. musician thanks bartender
  10. musician tells audience to put their hands up/together/in the air
  11. musician mispronouces other performer’s name
  12. musician mispronouces city
  13. musician mispronouces bar
  14. musician asks if anyone is from other city
  15. musician tosses guitar picks or drumsticks into crowd
  16. musician toasts (with) audience

16 four down, 8 to go.

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  1. How about Musician Drinking Game?

    Here, I’ll add these to the pile – musician starts sentence with:
    • “This song is about…”
    • “can I have some more x” (higher volumn on his mic, less spotlight in his face, more water, possibly some Ex, although no one should drink that stuff)
    • “Anyone from ” (as segway into a song about

    those are all I can think of before breakfast…

  2. As far as getting the name of the city wrong, it’s probably inevitable result of a whirlwind tour in which they get whisked from one city to the next. I’m impressed when performers actually have localized content for their patter rather than being let-down when they don’t.

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