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musician bingo

Some musicians are more comfortable in studio than on stage, and it shows. While on stage, they often resort to clichés and canned lines. We should have a game called “musician bingo.” We can print out cards and bring them … Continue reading

the west wing

Why Farhad Manjoo still watches The West Wing: The show is a fiction, certainly. There isn’t a politician in the world like Jed Bartlet, an exceedingly smart, (mostly) honest man with principles, who doesn’t govern by politics, who takes counsel … Continue reading

great speeches of the 21st century

Robert F. Kennedy at the Sierra Club, September 10, 2005 [via Wil]: I do 40 speeches a year in red states, and there is no difference between how Republican audiences and Democratic audiences react when they hear what this White … Continue reading

saying no to diamonds

A couple of months ago, Sarah got engaged. She declined to get an engagement ring (she doesn’t elaborate on her reasons). This, in my opinion, was an excellent decision. Why? Since then, I came across an Econ-Atrocity Bulletin “Ten reasons … Continue reading

writing great email

Like many people, I get a lot of email. Maybe not as many as Cory or Steve, but a few hundred a day, fairly easily. I manage to read and respond to most of it pretty quickly. Last March, boingboing … Continue reading

on originality

Wil Shipley on ideas: Delicious Library was not an original idea. It was a new approach to an idea that’s been around for as long as computers. Hell, longer. I think the first cavemen carved on rocks when they lent … Continue reading

where the money went

Florida university discovers misplaced $275,000: Three University of South Florida officials were fired after the school discovered $275,000 in misplaced checks and cash scattered throughout an office. Nearly half the money at the school’s English Language Institute — $133,647 — was … Continue reading

Cory Doctorow: Canada doesn’t need craptacular copyright law

Cory Doctorow has a great op-ed in The Toronto Star about the harm done by bad copyright laws. There’s sizzle with this steak, too: Musicians want to be remembered as “the guy who wrote the song you lost your virginity … Continue reading

shocking news!

shocking news! Originally uploaded by Esthr.

guy’s new blog

I ran into Guy Kawasaki at Macworld on Monday. He has a new blog. It’s got some material from his books mixed with commentary on current tech events. I liked the “10 lies” pieces.