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radio sucks because sony pays to make it suck

Sony BMG settles NY radio probe for $10 million: “Instead of airing music based on the quality, artistic competition, aesthetic judgments or other judgments, radio stations are airing music because they are paid to do so in a way that … Continue reading

no-fly chimpanzees etc.

Jesse points out another example of stupid security. Manitoba MP Pat Martin is being held up at airports: Pat Martin says he’s “getting fed up” with the screening procedures that have prompted frustrating ticket-counter delays with Air Canada on two … Continue reading

What’s wrong with my printer?

What’s wrong with my printer? Originally uploaded by shrub. My Canon i950 has started printing horizontal bands across everything but yellow and black. Any idea what’s wrong or how to fix it? I spent some time on the phone with … Continue reading

unsubscribing, part ii

some more mailing lists you can remove yourself from (may be local to me): MicroCenter flyers: 800-634-3478 ShopWise (ADVO): 888 241 6760 PennySaver: 800-422-4116; 2830 Orbiter Street, Brea CA 92821

really bad code

When you sign up to accept payments, the folks over at Kagi (aside: why does work and doesn’t?) send you a Perl script you can adapt to process and validate registration keys. It’s bad. No. It’s really bad. … Continue reading

A Livable Shade of Green

James points out a great NY Times article, “A Livable Shade of Green“: Newly released data show that Portland, America’s environmental laboratory, has achieved stunning reductions in carbon emissions. It has reduced emissions below the levels of 1990, the benchmark … Continue reading

sidney to habs? fuels speculation: “There will certainly be a discussion with the Penguins organization about whether they are prepared to entertain any offers for the top pick,” said the GM. “With a pick as high as No. 5 we are definitely … Continue reading

don’t work for zeda

insensitive pricks: A manager at a Hull IT company told staff they could not observe the two-minute silence for victims of the London bombings, unless they deducted time from their lunch break.

Flip-Flops At White House Cause Stir

Bush stands beside more than four flip-floppers.

your failed business model is not my problem