boing boing parodies

coupla neat boing boing parodies from yesterday:

  • Gakker:

    My call for sanity regarding the fair use of the brick

    Bricks have many legitimate uses, including shelter, crowd dispersal, and brief grandstanding against Israeli tanks, so why all the focus on the very few which are heaved through shop windows to allow for the sharing of items? I paid for that brick, I’m not interested in being told what to do with it.

    My 4:40 am shouty talk at my sock-covered fist on the Greyhound 234 westbound, transcribed for campus dissemination and worship.

  • boring boring:

    Ingenious wallmod allows items to be stored on vertical surfaces
    Wallmod This guy (warning: site has no pop-ups) modded the wall over his bed with several shelves — three, to be exact. The lack of visible shelf brackets is very futuristic (although brackets can give a shelf a cool steampunky look). If you want to try it yourself, step-by-step instructions are here. Sweet! Link (Thanks, Francis!)

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