Monthly Archives: April 2005

beware the hacker

wow, this guy is good: <Elch> ok, i'm quiet, hope you don't show us how good a hacker you are ^^<bitchchecker> tell me your network number man then you're dead<Elch> Eh, it's<Elch> or maybe<Elch> yes exactly that's it: … Continue reading

heather combs kicks ass

heather combs had a gig at the hotel saturday night. they were impressed: Somewhere between the new songs and the old favorites she was strumming so strong that the G string went flying. Noticing that, the crowd came alive encouragingly … Continue reading

a m@b funny

go read already.

citizens’ media (good cluetrain stuff)

this is a year old but highly relevant. Jeff Jarvis talks on citizens media to Daimler Chrysler, Organic and BBDO. via craig who calls this a potential tipping point.

high school principal run amuk

in yet another case of an overzealous high school principal squelching free speech, Winona Senior High School’s Nancy Wondrasch doesn’t want students wearing buttons. When senior Carrie Rethlefsen began wearing an “I (heart) My Vagina” button to school, she says … Continue reading


From a Salon interview with Richard Florida: Once I heard a former high-ranking member of the Bush administration on economic policy, when asked about immigration and national security, say, “If it comes down to a question of national security and … Continue reading

south carolina legislative cock-up

The South Carolina State Senate passed a bill banning gamecock fighting while at the same time tabling a bill protecting victims of domestic violence. That means that domestic violence is a misdemeanor, but cockfighting is set to become a felony. … Continue reading

Microsoft Caves on Gay Rights

Last month, [Microsoft] quietly withdrew its support for House bill 1515, the anti-gay-discrimination bill currently under consideration by the Washington State legislature, after being pressured by the Evangelical Christian pastor of a suburban megachurch.

want to learn English?

the commercial provides some motivation.

adobe-macromedia acquisition

Daring Fireball: Translation from PR-Speak to English of selected portions of Adobe’s ‘FAQ’ regarding their acquisition of Macromedia.