Monthly Archives: February 2005

chaska potter

Simon likes this photo I took of Chaska Potter of Raining Jane.

on bananas

Also, no matter which sport you take up, you will be eating a lot of bananas.



adrianne house concert

Short Attention Span Version Adrianne. One name. One really good house concert.adrimusic.comRSVP. Suggested donation: $10Saturday, March 5, 2005. 8 p.m. Sharp. Sunnyvale, California 94085 What’s going on Okay, so the headline was bad. Maybe really bad. But I’ll make it … Continue reading

HOWTO run SASL with Postfix on Debian

HOWTO run SASL with postfix on debian. this authenticates using saslauthd, so it checks against your standard user/password database (aka uses PAM). 0. install some packages (apt-get install):postfixpostfix-tlssasl2-binlibsasl2libsasl-modulelibsasl2-dev 1. edit /etc/group, adding posfix to the sasl group (use vigr):sasl:*:45:postfix 2. … Continue reading

integrate this

I got this in about 10 seconds: I showed it to a couple of other folks at work and one had to use a whiteboard and the other a calculator. sigh!

geeks are hot

Geeks are hot.

shine the light

California S.B. 27, “Shine the Light” Law.

joel on hiring

Everyone thinks they’re hiring the top 1%.

advice from raymi

Dear Raymi: Dear you are boring, i am so tired of people saying that nice guys finish last crap and women being attracted to “bad boys”. do you think men sit around going man i wish i could only fall … Continue reading