malcolm gladwell explains college admissions

Like Malcolm, I, too, went to university in Ontario. I, too, filled out the tanking sheet. He describes my school and program kindly: There were several good ones and several better ones and a number of programs—like computer science at the University of Waterloo—that were world-class. And I, too, find the US school admissions process […]


Vancouver named ‘world’s best city’: For the fourth year in a row, Vancouver has claimed the top spot on an international ranking of the world’s most livable cities. Toronto is ranked 9th; Calgary is 10th; no American cities made the list.

belated katrina notes

some news of note: George Bush signed and executive order lifting wage restrictions and allowing government contractors rebuilding new orleans to pay workers less than the prevailing wage FEMA’s email server broke. New Orleans being underwater was preventable. Former FEMA head Mike Brown padded his resume FEMA refused help from Amtrak, Wal-Mart, the Coast Guard, […]