HOWTO fix Photoshop’s missing Application Support files error

Sometimes you launch Photoshop and get this error:
One or more files in the Adobe Application Support folder, necessary for running Photoshop, are missing. Please run the Photoshop installer and re-install Photoshop.

This is the dialog of four lies:
Lie #1: A file is missing.
Lie #2. The file is missing from the Application Support folder.
Lie #3: The file is necessary to run Photoshop.
Lie #4: You need to re-install Photoshop to file the problem.

The problem is that /Library/ScriptingAdditions/Adobe Unit Types.osax isn’t loading. It’s possible the file is actually missing, but it’s more likely that you’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard.

Snow Leopard requires 64-bit versions of every plug-in, including OSAXes. The version of Adobe Unit Types that shipped with CS3 and CS4 is 32-bit.

To fix this, download the 64-bit version of Adobe Unit Types, drag it to your ScriptingAdditions folder and launch Photoshop. Problem solved.

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  1. Thanks Thanks THANKS!!! I tried to resolve this annoying error message in some differect ways, like reinstall, but error messages always comes up, to this point. Finally with your help I can work now!!!! Thanks really, you are my hero!

  2. This was a much welcomed piece of help.

    I managed to delete the unit types file as a customers system had cs6 and cs4 on it, upon removing cs4 (and doing so carefulyy i thought!) it killed the unit types files and deleted them.

    Luckily I had another machine with both on and got the files retrieved, thanks to your hint.

    Thank YOU!!!!

  3. Er, I did exactly as you siad, but the problem still persists! I’m running Mavericks on 24″ iMac.

  4. Same as Collin. I work with CS6, uninstalled CS4 to make space and of a sudden that message starts to appear. Got and replaced Adobe Unit Types.osax but the message still comes up every time I open Photoshop CS6.

  5. Oh, and I have Yosemite 10.10.4 on an iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014.

  6. Thank you so much!!! Fixed everything. Somehow the folder got deleted when I used Appcleaner to uninstall one of the applications in my CS6 suite. Just recreated the ScriptingAdditions folder under /Library/. and added the Adobe Unit Types.osax file you provided. Thank you!!!

  7. I download the 64-bit version of Adobe Unit Types, and dragged it to the ScriptingAdditions folder and launch Photoshop. Worked prefect. Thanks.

  8. You are a incredible. I been searching for this folder and its been evading me thanks for the file!

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