HOWTO fix Photoshop’s missing Application Support files error

Sometimes you launch Photoshop and get this error:
One or more files in the Adobe Application Support folder, necessary for running Photoshop, are missing. Please run the Photoshop installer and re-install Photoshop.

This is the dialog of four lies:
Lie #1: A file is missing.
Lie #2. The file is missing from the Application Support folder.
Lie #3: The file is necessary to run Photoshop.
Lie #4: You need to re-install Photoshop to file the problem.

The problem is that /Library/ScriptingAdditions/Adobe Unit Types.osax isn’t loading. It’s possible the file is actually missing, but it’s more likely that you’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard.

Snow Leopard requires 64-bit versions of every plug-in, including OSAXes. The version of Adobe Unit Types that shipped with CS3 and CS4 is 32-bit.

To fix this, download the 64-bit version of Adobe Unit Types, drag it to your ScriptingAdditions folder and launch Photoshop. Problem solved.

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  1. Interesting! Is there a similar fix for Photoshop CS2?

    I just upgraded to Snow Leopard and have been getting the dialog just as you described. (Photoshop is the only application in the Creative Suite to display it.) However, I’ve searched, but I cannot find a ScriptingAdditions folder or an Adobe Unit Types.osax file on my current system. I looked under both /Library and ~/Library, and also did a Spotlight search.

  2. Whoops! I finally got around to checking my previous setup, and there it was: the ScriptingAdditions folder.

    Being outside the Applications and the Library/Application Support/Adobe folders, it’s the one folder that didn’t make the transition when I migrated to my new computer and the new OS. (Somehow I thought that maybe this was a newer Adobe feature, and so it didn’t occur to me that the entire folder, not just the .osax file, might need to be added.) However, in my case, simply copying it “as is” remedied the problem. No need to upgrade to a 64-bit version.

    Now if I can just figure out how to get rid of a similar Adobe Updater dialog that’s recently started popping up…

  3. Thank you so much. This was the only place I could find this solution. I did not have the folder so I manually added a new folder “ScriptingAdditions” in my Library folder and added the file you have for download. Works perfectly now. THANK YOU! Interested to read your other posts now.

  4. Wow, that was way easier than all the other recommendations…such as reinstalling Photoshop. I have been using CS5 for som time but decided to safely Uninstall my previous versions of Photoshop…namely CS2, CS3 and Cs4. After doing so, I was getting that very same error. I just did what was suggested here and it fixed the problem, thanks.

  5. I have this error in CS5, this solution doesn’t help. What should I do? I don’t want to reinstall the software.

  6. You are the man, that message was driving me crazy because it just had to be bullshit, everything worked fine with photoshop!! Thank you so much for liberating me from that daily hassle~

  7. Hey Paul, I’m running CS5 and can’t fine the ScriptingAdditions folder. I’ve created new one with the download you’ve supplied. Where should I put it?


  8. Worked thank you. I was using CS5.. placed the file and straight up the error didnt appear once I reopened Photoshop.

  9. I also get this message and would like to try this but I can not find the folder ‘library’ to put this ‘.osax’ file into.
    Could someone please let me exactly where to add it. Does it go in the Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 folder?
    Adobe support was no help, unless I get them another $40 – not help with them.

  10. Works for CS6. In my case, the ScriptingAdditions folder was completely empty. I dragged and dropped the downloaded file and it worked. No more error message.

  11. Best. Webhelp. EVER.

    Thanks so much for the quick & easy fix!! I reinstalled Photoshop of the DVD 3 times, never fixed this error for some reason. Your fix – bingo! Done!

  12. Thank you very much, the error message was so frustrating. This fixed the issue!! Error message gone, frustration gone. Happy chappy now.

  13. Well, everybody happy, but me. I put that file in the ScriptingAdditions-folder and restarted all. But nothing changed.
    Could there be more than one file missing?

  14. WOW, this worked perfectly. Photoshop CS5 on Mountain Lion. Been having this problem for years, and finally googled around to see if there’s a solution. You rock!

  15. I was running Snow Leopard, and had no issues with Photoshop. When I upgraded to Mountain Lion, my Mac Pro was quite sluggish. I decided to remove cs4, and the machine perked up quite nicely. That is when I started getting the “one or more files in the…yada yada yada” error.

    I went to /Library/ScriptingAdditions/Adobe Unit Types.osax, and the file is already there. I tried to replace it, but the operating system wouldn’t let me. I removed the .osax file on my computer it to replace it with the download, and the OS still wouldn’t take it. I did an undo to reinstall the orignal .osax file. I checked, and both files have the same date of origination. Anyway, I rebooted, and it still isn’t working. Any suggestions?

  16. I’m running Snow Leopard, and like “kevmac” I have CS6 and after uninstalling CS 4, the Scripting Additions folder was completely empty. (I went directly from CS4 to CS6 if that makes any difference.) Via Time Machine, I restored CS4, and I also added Adobe Unit Types.osax to the ScriptingAdditions folder, then restarted. However, like “Theo” this didn’t fix the problem. Any other ideas?

  17. Worked for me. I installed Photoshop CC and then decided to clean up the old versions. Uninstalling CS5 was no problem, but the CS4 uninstall deleted the file from the scripting additions folder. I retrieved it from time machine and things seem fine now. Thanks for the help and saving hours of strain and fruitless activity.

  18. You are awesome! You saved my day after doing some CS cleanup while running CC apps. Thank you!

  19. I used to have CS4, but unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash, I don’t have any access to it like many of the other posters here because I am working with a completely new hard drive now.

    I have CS6 and every program in the collection is working fine, including Photoshop, but I still get this dreadfully annoying message when I open it:
    “One or more files in the Adobe Application Support folder, necessary for running Photoshop, are missing. Please run the Photoshop installer and re-install Photoshop.”

    I have downloaded the “Adobe Unit Types.osax” file from the link provided here and dragged it into the ScriptingAdditions folder, but the message still does not go away.
    I’ve downloaded and dragged and deleted and re-downloaded it and re-dragged it again and still I get the message that a file is missing.

    I’m running Max OSX 10.9.3.

    PLEASE help! I don’t know what else to do and I don’t wish to reinstall because I really struggled to get Photoshop on my computer at all.

  20. FAN BLINKIN’ TASTIC! Was just about to go down the whole uninstall, re-install route. You saved me a whole lot of time. Cheers

  21. Thank you so much. It never fails to surprise me how useful it is to search for help in the net. There is ALWAYS someone with the answer….amazing, you saved me so much time…

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